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502 N. Caribe Ave.   |   Tucson, AZ 85710   |    Office: (520) 731-4800   |    Fax: (520) 731-4803
School Hours: M, T, Th, F 7:45 am - 1:55 pm, Wed -12:55 pm  |    Playground Supervision 7:30 am - 7:45 am  |    Breakfast starts 7:15 am  |    Office Hours: 7:15 am - 3:45 pm
Hawks commit to doing their best work.
Hawks engage in working together to solve problems.
Hawks respect each other and value differences.
Hawks strive to have an "I can do it" mindset.
Hawks use a variety of digital tools to construct knowledge.

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  • Hudlow Highlights 04/09/18


What Makes Us Special

 Hudlow Grounds

Students are encouraged to work collaboratively every day in class. When teachers ask questions, children know to turn to each other to find the answers. Teachers also work together, sharing student test scores, strengths and areas needing improvement. Hudlow teaches at the individual level to ensure that all students get what they need.

We are always asking ourselves, “What is the best I can be?” and “Is this quality work?”

Welcome to Hudlow Elementary School
"We engage, connect, create, achieve, evaluate and communicate."

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